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Our AAPM Global Board of Standards issues the MPM ™ Master Project Manager - Project Management - Board Certification to qualified applicants who have met our commission requirements of: Education, Training, Experience, Industry Knowledge, Ethics, and Continuing Education. The newest designation from AAPM is the CPE Certified Planning Engineer .

Certified Planning Engineer CPE

The intention of this designation is to recognize the analysts and professionals who meet a demanding requirements of planning and scheduling assets of experience, education, skill, knowledge and ethical qualifications. The CPE requirement is to established to recognize today's advanced planning & engineering professionals in the industry and to fairly measure their education, skill, experience and management practices.

1. Experience requirements for degree holder - at least six years of professional experience, of which up to 4 years maybe substituted by an accredted college or university degree. Recognized degrees include: engineering, building construction, construction technology, business, economics, accounting, construction management, project management, management, architecture, computer science, quantity survey, etc.

2. Experience requirements for not meeting the above mentioned degree requrements, of less than 6 years combined experience, applicants may become an associate CPE until he/her has attain the requirements as stated above. Related degrees/diplomas include: engineering, building construction, construction technology, business, economics, accounting, construction management, project management, architecture, computer science, quantity survey, etc.

3. To become CPE Certified or Associate CPE certified, he/she should have at least handled two projects in the field of planning, scheduling and control process in his/her discipline mentioned above.

4. To become CPE Certified or Associate CPE certified, the applicant must submit his/her application including work/education/training verification. In order to expedite the process of verification, the applicant is advised to submit copy of college/degree with the application. The final decision will depend upon Board approval, which will inform the applicant or through communications whether the applicant is successful in his/her application.

To apply, please click here: APPLICATION

News: AAPM Approves Specific Project Management Training Organizations for the MPM ™ . Approved Training Programs Graduates of these training programs can apply for a waiver to obtain the MPM ™ Master Project Manager Designation and Credential See List
















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